Friday, May 14, 2010

Lessons Learned from Pine

I've landed back in the States. "Home", as it were, though any sense of place continues to hang in ambiguity. Back in the real world, I am desperate to remember what I've learned about leaning on grace and holding peace in all circumstances. Going far away for a fresh perspective was crucial, but I am reminded that the circumstances I face are nearer and stronger at home. I am challenged to hold on to this perspective and continue to allow it to unfold as I look adversity in the eyes.

This morning, I was reminded of a poem I wrote a year ago - at the very beginning of this journey. I sat outside of my tent after a night of camping in the snow and found myself meditating on a single pine tree, contemplating its existence and resilience. Somehow, remembering it this morning has restored hope and strength in my heart. I am realizing how many of the tree's secrets that have already been revealed to me in just one I am being formed and shaped to be more and more like a pine tree.

The Tree
Jaimi Kercher | March, 2009

It stands in solidarity
But unwavering
Yet agile
To accommodate the slightest breeze
To the brute force of a winter snowstorm

Seemingly unaffected
Yet ever changing
Yet full of life
Adapting to the needs of seasons
Acknowledging the importance of change

Unaware of self
Of individualism
Yet aware of its ecosystem
And essential
To all things in perfect balance
To the chaos that ultimately becomes truth

Ignorant in choice
And ever-growing
With burden and without
Incognizant of its ability to fail
Therefore unscathed by the fear of failure

O, to be a tree
To be firmly rooted in the soil of the earth
To persevere without fear
To endure without doubt
And to exhibit life even in the most treacherous of conditions
      In Faith
          In Trust
              In Love
                  In Confidence

That must be God’s wish for us all

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