Sunday, June 13, 2010

More on Truth

Each day I am acutely aware that, if I had to use one word to describe my intention, that word is truth. Often not easy to seek, to learn, or to heed, truth is critical to the journey of contentment.

My reflection today is thinking about how many of us live our life as if it were black and white.
Fit it in a box first, then I will try to understand it. Because life is neat, it all fits into one box or another. If it didn't, that would mean I could never absolutely understand it. It would mean I can't control it. But that certainly isn't true, therefore this box theory is infallible.

Truth is the fullness of life. It means admitting that life actually doesn't fit in neat little boxes. It means admitting you don't have a fraction of the control over it that you think you do. And, that means you can actually just let it go...let it be. You don't have to understand it or control it or even be afraid of it. This is how the truth will set you free.

My Choice
Jaimi Kercher | June, 2010

I choose Truth.

I choose to love myself for all that I am

I choose Growth
      And Freedom
           And Awareness
                And Compassion

I choose to be conscious
           To Live

I choose Truth.

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