Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Shift...

Consciously, I enter this day
Head on
With intention
Breathing in the circumstances of now
Open to the ambiguity of the moment after
Aware of my fear
Holding it
Balancing it
At eye level, next to my awareness
Of courage
Of strength
Of self
Fleeting thoughts, full of expectations
Full of hopes
They well up inside me, begging for firm grasp
But I simply acknowledge their presence
No grabbing
No holding
Just aware of the feeling
But nimble enough to accept whatever result
(I hope)
Prepared for anxious excitement
Or melancholy disappointment
Prepared to take a step into empty ambiguity
Or to fall back into darkness
Yet intending, in any case, to recall
How this brief spur in my journey has guided me
Back into the light
Back into hope, faith and love
For that alone, I am joyfully grateful

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