Saturday, August 7, 2010


What brings me peace?

A hot bath.
A good, heart and psyche-stretching book.
A cup of tea.
Laughing at a silly sitcom.

Warm things.
I love warm things.
Like the fill of Vietnamese noodle soup.
Or the wool of the heavy, button up sweater
That currently hangs on me.

Sorting through and working out.

Either rushing delicately off a rock face
Or lapping in between the waves.
Hanging weightless in water;
Without breath.

Peace is when I can get my mind to stop,
Or at least when it falls gracefully in sync with my heart.

I am at peace now.
Listening and watching waves crash over the rocks in front of me.
A gentle breeze,
A wool sweater,
And a glass of wine.

Yes, I am at peace.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful... keep writing. Good things are coming to the surface as you are putting pen to paper and allowing raw words to splash. I think all the hiking must fit in somewhere (you seem to be hiking all the time!!!). Missing you... wanna visit AZ? I'm here with a room for you. kj