Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The seedling
Pushes out and breaks ground
At the first hint of spring
Eager to wake from the cold, dark winter

It spreads its small leaves outward
A statement of life emerging
Growth to be recognized; a will unbroken

Its resilience
However, is no match to the storm
To the heavy, wet snow that falls
When the air freezes in the evening

Frozen still
Buried under blankets white
Dormant and crushed in the quiet
Where hope exists only in waiting

Snow will melt
This is a promise of nature's design
Also ingrained in the seedling itself
Which keeps it from giving up; from dying

The seedling enters sight at final thaw
One of its leaves brown and cracking
Stuck clinging lifelessly to the soil

But it remains
And as the sun warms its stem
Its other leaves breathe and perk to life
And the stem sheds its frost-bitten past

Growth resumes
Stretching out taller each day
Gaining strength in its momentum
Enduring this cycle throughout the season

The seedling
Its once-fragile stem now a hearty stalk
With arms that stretch out in a colorful array
Its flowers welcoming the new hope of summer

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